Race Lab Camshafts and porting (English text)


This add is written in English,

Since we have many international customers, some products that  will be shipped across countries.

The Race Lab stage I camshafts, designed for stock engines with OEM dualsprings or lightly upgraded springs and stock compression.

Will work best with added compression or displacement, but do work great compared to other brands on the small b16 engine with short stroke and low velocity ports.

Due to  lift/duration times, ramp developed mainly to increase torque within the whole powerband and slightly raise the peak power a couple of houndred rpms later.

Will increase around 10-20hp alone and up to 60-70hp with Race Lab stage III Head, Header, intake, crank case ventilation.
The correct tune is required

Camshaft need to be fully dialed in. remember to “ALWAYS check piston to valve and valve to valve clearences!” We do not take any responsibility for faulty assembly of these camshafts

Dyno before and after head and cam swap:





Watch the parts being tested here: